Door gaskets save energy by helping reduce loss of cold air from display case or walk-in doors.

The increase on the air infiltration rate due to the deterioration of magnetic seals of the doors is about 505% for the equipment tested, which reflects on the energy consumed by the compressor that shows a total increase of 341% on the electricity consumed.

When the seals are new, 3.6% of the energy used to run the compressor is spent on the air infiltration and 96.4% on heat gains through the walls, while when they become leakier these percentages become respectively 18.5% and 81.5%. As a consequence, there is a significant increase in the compressor energy consumption which implies higher running cost as well worst environmental implications.

These are some of the refrigerator models we work with:

  • Universal
  • Bally
  • True
  • Artic Air
  • Hobart PMI
  • Randall
  • Foster
  • Delfield
  • Duke
  • Manitowc